Sunday, May 19, 2013

Let's Talk Breakouts!

I've recently noticed little bumps over my face and I started to freak out so I decided to investigate why. A little background on my face: it's normal but tends to be more on the dry side around the nose area. Regardless of what I do, unless I'm not wearing makeup, it is very noticeable. I don't have uncontrollable acne problems, I break out here and there. I have some broken capillaries but in general my face is pretty good.

What I have learned about breakouts around different areas of your face. Starting with your forehead, that tends to breakout because of bangs. If your hair is not clean the oils can clog your pores which causes breakouts on your face. VICTIM. I had decided to not wash my hair daily because 1) I know that the less often you wash your hair the faster it grows because of the oils that are accumulated with your dirty hair somehow makes it grow faster. I definitely don't have short hair but I do want longer hair. However, this method must not be for everyone because I realized my scalp turns too oily easily and if I don't wash my hair everyday, I start seeing flakes, which was really disgusting and 2)  I didn't want to wash my hair everyday is because I'm lazy. Yeah I'll admit it, but I have long and thick hair so it takes forever to dry and it was starting to drive me insane. >_< 

Your left cheek. Believe it or not, may be telling you that you have liver problems. However, that's not the only thing that it could be telling you. It may also be a sign of stress, nutrition problems, dirty cell phones and pillows as well as dirty makeup brushes. I am also a victim. I've noticed little pimples growing on my left cheek. However, there hasn't been too many. Now, my makeup brushes lately have not been very clean. I am definitely a lazy one and I don't remember the last time I had cleaned my brushes. I did know they needed to be cleaned because I was starting to look at them grossly since I knew that bacteria was growing pretty exponentially. >_< Along with not washing my hair as often lately, I cannot guarantee my pillow case was very clean. Did you know that the dirtiest place in your house is actually your pillow? A little fact I had learned when I worked at Nordstrom Rack.

The right cheek. The difference between what is on the right cheek than what have been mentioned on the left cheek is sugar. Sadly, I have also been a victim of this lately. I think lately I've been drinking too much bubble tea. >_<

The nose area hints at poor diet. Which unfortunately I do practice. My nose though, never really breaks out and I might be seeing a little dot popping out but it's not there unless I look REALLY closely. :D Other problems could be constipation.

I think every female suffers from this problem area many times. And that would be the chin area. If your chin area breaks out it's usually hormonal. Whenever I am close to my menstrual cycle, I tend to break out more than usual. And because it is almost that time, my chin has little bumps all over. Another reason you could be breaking out in that area is because of your toothpaste irritating your skin. If that happens you might want to look into a different type of toothpaste.

What  I haven't talked about which could also be a factor in why I've been breaking out is my skincare routine. I have been trying out a couple of products which could also be a factor in my skin breaking out, it just so happens that the areas that they are breaking out in may be because of other causes. One other reason may also be because lately I feel like because I've been using the Clarisonic my skin has been drying out so I decided to wash my face less. In the mornings I would just use a witch hazel toner to wipe down my face since I use my Clarisonic to clean off my face thoroughly at night. But I guess that might not be clean enough for my face and is still holding bacteria. >_<

What I have learned today: clean my brushes more often, wash my hair daily, need clean pillowcases, clean off phones more often, and to practice a healthier diet. I am hoping that my skin clears up first and I hope that those of you that do read this, this was informational enough. :) There is more detailed information here: which is where I found all of my information and had thought back on what I've been doing wrong to get what I'm seeing today. Good luck to all of you and I hope you don't get what I got. :)