Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Michael Kors Beauty Collection

As a huge fan of Michael Kors, it wouldn't be too over-the-top to say that I was pratically drooling when I first saw the beauty collection at Macy's.

Just look at that! It's so gorgeous. I especially love the bronzer compact. When I inititally saw pictures online I didn't realize how big the compact was. Let's just say I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it at Macy's. It's well worth the money for the size you are getting.

The collection has three themes: Sporty, Sexy, and Glam. Each theme has its own palettes of colors. I was really drawn to the Sporty collection because of the nude and natural tones, but I wanted a darker bronzer so I went with Beam, from the Glam theme. Glam consists of shades of purple. Sexy has shades of red.

As you can see from the swatches below, the bronzer is GORGEOUS. I am going to love wearing this. It was so hard to NOT grab this while I was doing my makeup in the morning because I was saving it for this post, but now that I don't have to, this will definitely become a part of my daily routine. I'm so excited!

The lipstick (Diva) and lipgloss (Muse) have a shoft shimmer, but are sheer so they are not my favorites. I expected a little more from the lipstick since it is Michael Kors. Even after a few coats it's not very buildable. I did notice though that it has a light fresh, citrus-y scent, which I really liked.

Overall, I do like Michael Kors' beauty collection, especially the bronzers. I'm not too impressed with the lip products, but they are workable. If you are a Michael Kors fan like I am, it may be worth the trip to Macy's to check out the beauty collection.